Fox News drops Bill O’Reilly in wake of harassment allegations

Fox News is cutting ties with Bill O’Reilly, the biggest star in its 20-year history, after mounting allegations of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior prompted the network to end his program. “After a thorough and careful review of the allegations,” parent company 21st Century Fox said in a statement, “the company and Bill O’Reilly have agreed that Bill O’Reilly will not be returning to the Fox News Channel.” Wednesday’s decision seemed unimaginable a few short weeks ago, given O’Reilly’s long reign as the top-rated host in cable news. But the climate shifted dramatically after The New York Times reported on April 1 that O’Reilly or Fox had paid $13 million to settle five cases against him alleging sexual or other harassment. More than 50 advertisers withdrew from his prime-time show, and 21st Century Fox asked a law firm to investigate a complaint from a woman who said O’Reilly dropped efforts to make her a contributor in 2013 after she turned down his invitation to visit his hotel room. O’Reilly said in a statement Wednesday: “It is tremendously disheartening that we part ways due to completely unfounded claims. But that is the unfortunate reality many of us in the public eye must live with today. I will always look back on my time at Fox with great pride in the unprecedented success we achieved and with my deepest gratitude to all my dedicated viewers. I wish only the best for Fox News Channel.” O’Reilly, 67, had not previously commented on his status since leaving on vacation last week—he met Pope Francis Wednesday in a VIP line at the Vatican—but his lawyer issued a blistering statement Tuesday accusing his liberal opponents of a “smear campaign.” The statement said O’Reilly “has been subjected to a brutal campaign of character assassination that is unprecedented in post-McCarthyist America.”

Agreed..  At best, this was handled VERY poorly by the Murdoch family.  And, we suspect there will most definitely be a backlash against Fox News by Bill’s legion of fans, whom he didn’t even get to say goodbye to.  Wow..

Opinion: CNN really is ‘very fake news’

Fact: Susan Rice, the Obama administration’s national security adviser, directed the “unmasking” of NSA intercepts of Donald Trump’s aides and associates. In other words, the Obama administration used the intelligence community’s spying on Mr. Trump, and Ms. Rice then demanded that the names of those captured on intercepts be given to her. Fact: Names of some Trump aides have been leaked to the media and subsequently published. In one case, Michael Flynn, appointed by Mr. Trump as national security adviser, was forced to resign after reports revealed he misled Vice President Mike Pence about discussions with the Russian ambassador. Other names of Trump officials have also circulated amid reports that they have connections to the Russians. Only a fool would refuse to connect these two dots. Enter CNN. After the Rice bombshell hit, the Clinton News Network went into hyperdrive to discredit the reports — despite the fact that there is very clearly some there there. “On this program tonight, we will not insult your intelligence by pretending” it’s legitimate, CNN host Don Lemon said on his show Monday night. “Nor will we aid and abet the people trying to misinform you, the American people, by creating a diversion. Not going to do it.” When morning show host Chris Cuomo interviewed a Democratic congressman, the “journalist” stated flatly that the bombshell — remember, it’s a FACT that Rice directed the “unmasking” of Trump officials — was “demonstrably untrue.” The network’s chief national security correspondent, Jim Scuitto — who was, by the way, a political appointee in the Obama White House — also dismissed the story as a nothingburger. He said the Trump White House had “ginned up” the story to distract from so-called damaging reports. “Again, to note by senior intelligence officials who work for both Democrats and Republicans, this appears to be a story, largely ginned up, partly as a distraction from this larger investigation,” Mr. Scuitto said. No surprise, but the “journalist” offered no “facts” or “evidence” for the claim. And on Tuesday’s “New Day,” anchor Alisyn Camerota begged Sen. John McCain of Arizona, CNN’s favorite RINO, to dismiss the story. “They say that this is a controversy. It shows that she has done something wildly out of the bounds of normalcy,” she said. “Is this business as usual for a national security adviser to ask for a name to be revealed, an American name, if she wants to know more, or is this some sort of a controversy?” (For the record, Mr. McCain didn’t play along, saying the request “could have been politically motivated.”) Meanwhile, the three mainstream TV networks all but passed on the story, with ABC and NBC forgetting to report the bombshell, and CBS actually defending Ms. Rice. “We learned more today about the president’s allegation that he and his aides were caught up in Obama-era surveillance,” CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley said, throwing to reporter Margaret Brennan. “According to a former national security official, Trump associates were not the sole focus of Rice’s request, but they may have been revealed when she asked to understand why they were appearing in intelligence reports,” Ms. Brennan said. “However, Rice did not spread the information according to this former official, who insisted that there was nothing improper or political involved.” Well, she said “nuh uh”? Good enough for me! The networks did cover Ms. Rice saying she didn’t do it, although she added, “I don’t have a particular recollection of doing that more frequently after the election.” Ah, the perfect nonanswer. “The notion, which some people are trying to suggest, that by asking for the identity of the American person is the same as leaking it — that’s completely false,” Ms. Rice said. “There is no equivalence between so-called unmasking and leaking.” Unless there is. Democrats clearly have a ton of intelligence on Mr. Trump and his aides, which they’re dripping out in dribs and drabs. And the fact — there’s that word again — that names of the “unmasked” are leaking means someone’s leaking them out (Captain Obvious here). Here’s the crux: The whole Trump-Russia collusion story first tossed up by Hillary Clinton is cover for the illegal surveillance the Obama administration did to help Mrs. Clinton in the 2016 election. Now they need cover, so they’re making it seem like the Russians were bent on destroying American democracy. Simple. You won’t hear THAT on CNN.

Veteran journalist Joseph Curl was responsible for that outstanding op/ed.  Joseph is spot on about CNN and it’s so-called journalists.  We’ve always known it to be a member of the dominantly liberal mainstream media, and has held the nickname of the “Clinton News Network” for it’s unabashed liberal bent.  But, the way they’re handling the Susan Rice scandal/bombshell is beyond disgraceful, and shows them not only to be liberal…but a producer of nothing by liberal “fake news.”  Excellent work, Joseph!

Networks covered fake UVA rape, but ignore alleged rape involving illegal immigrant: Report

The major television networks dedicated significant coverage to an alleged rape at the University of Virginia that turned out to be a hoax, but have paid little attention to the brutal gang rape of a 14-year-old girl at a Maryland high school allegedly committed by at least one illegal immigrant. According to the Media Research Center’s NewsBusters, ABC, CBS and NBC have hardly covered the horrific crime since Fox News’ Bret Baier became the first reporter to tell the story to a nationwide audience Monday night. The major networks failed to follow up the Fox News story with reports of their own, even after White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was asked about the rape during his press briefing on Tuesday. “Despite the room being packed with reporters from every national news network, ABC, NBC and CBS refused to report the story yet again Tuesday night or Wednesday morning,” wrote MRC’s Kristine Marsh. “In fact, the only mention NewsBusters could find of this story on any of these networks were brief reports on the 4 am CNN and CBS early morning shows,” she continued. Henry Sanchez-Milian, 18, and Jose O. Montano, 17, are accused of raping a 14-year-old classmate at Rockville High School last week. After the girl rebuffed Mr. Montano’s sexual advances in the hallway, he allegedly forced her into an empty stall in the boy’s restroom, began undressing her and took turns raping her with Mr. Sanchez-Milian, according to court documents. The girl’s pleas for her attackers to stop were ignored. The blackout of the brutal rape stands in stark contrast to the way the major networks covered an alleged rape at the University of Virginia. They gave that claim more than 11 minutes of coverage over a two-day span in 2014. “Without corroborating any of the facts, ABC’s ‘World News Tonight’ spent 4 minutes and 30 seconds on the allegations on November 23 and 24 of that year,” wrote MRC’s Curtis Houck. “‘NBC Nightly News’ and serial liar Brian Williams had 4 minutes and 16 seconds over those same two days. ‘CBS Evening News’ was third with a single, 1-minute-and-56-second segment on the 24th.” Mr. Sanchez-Millian was detained attempting to enter the country illegally last August, just 13 days before his 18th birthday. Rather than being deported, he was given a court date and released. He ended up joining his father in Montgomery County, Maryland. Officials have declined to comment on Mr. Montano’s immigration status, citing his age.

Sooo.. This piece of garbage was given a court date that he ignored, and fell through the cracks..only to resurface later when he was a FRESHMAN (again he’s 18, and a FRESHMAN), because he doesn’t speak English.  This happened thanks to Obama’s “catch and release” program regarding illegals here..  Anyway, this article highlights again the failure of the dominantly liberal mainstream media to cover REAL news, and instead focus on FAKE news which further their liberal agenda.  They didn’t want to touch this story, as it undermines their liberal immigration agenda, and by contrast, supports Trump’s immigration agenda.  Typical hypocrisy…

Poll: CNN Brand Continues to Plummet

CNN’s brand continues to go in a downward spiral, according to a poll. A YouGov poll shows that CNN falls behind MSNBC and Fox News in brand perception, the Daily Caller reports. The poll asked respondents, “If you’ve heard anything about the brand in the last two weeks, through advertising, news or word of mouth, was it positive or negative?” Of the three cable networks, Fox News was the only network to score a neutral brand perception. CNN and MSNBC both scored negative on brand perception. “CNN’s negative acceleration point happened in mid-October 2016, around the time Anderson Cooper interviewed Melania Trump, notably discussing her husband’s famous ‘Access Hollywood’ tape,” YouGov’s Ted Marzilli notes. “Also at that time, a local North Carolina Republican office was firebombed, causing conservative-leaning media to pounce on CNN for suggesting Trump’s rhetoric spurred the incident.” Marzilli adds that particular news events and President Trump’s bashing of the network’s news coverage have taken a toll on CNN. Trump has consistently called CNN “fake news,” along with the New York Times, for its not-so-favorable coverage of his administration and its penchant for making several mistakes when reporting on the administration: On Tuesday, CNN’s Jim Acosta inaccurately claimed that Trump made no mention of the “administrative state” in his speech to a joint session of Congress. Trump alluded to the “administrative state” while talking about his lobbying ban for executive branch officials and hiring freeze for non-essential federal government workers. CNN dedicated much airtime in January to memos alleging that Trump’s presidential campaign was in communication with Russian officials. The reports turned out to be false.

Fox News Channel’s Brenda Buttner Passes Away

Brenda Buttner, host of Fox News Channel’s “Bulls and Bears,” has passed away at age 55 after a battle with cancer. Based in New York, she joined the network in 2000, after hosting CNBC’s “The Money Club” and serving as the network’s Washington correspondent. Buttner graduated with honors from Harvard University with a B.A. in social studies and went on to become a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University, where she graduated with high honors in politics and economics. Neil Cavuto offered a heartfelt tribute to Buttner on “Your World,” praising her intelligence, heart and sense of humor. “She took stock of life much more than any stock in life,” Cavuto said. “It’s what separated her from everyone else in this business. Not just dollars, you see, Brenda had depth.” “Let it be known that Brenda Buttner made us want to watch a business show with heart. Her heart, her spirit,” Cavuto said. “She democratized dollars and just made sense.” “Business journalism is never going to be the same. I just don’t know, now that she’s gone, whether we’ll ever be. Brenda Buttner, gone way too soon at 55.” Many of Buttner’s colleagues took to social media to say goodbye and share their condolences..

Very sorry to hear this!  And, how vey unexpected for those of us who didn’t know she was fighting cancer.  Brenda was a familiar, and friendly, face on Saturday mornings for well over a decade.  To see some Tweets and watch a touching video, click on the text above.  R.I.P., Brenda

ESPN Losing 10,000 Subscribers a Day Over Its Political Left Turn

Once an indispensable sports powerhouse, cable TV network ESPN has gone from must-see-TV for millions of sports fans to financial boondoggle for owner Disney with the network losing up to 10,000 subscribers a day, a report says. “A floundering ESPN, with rising costs and declining viewership, continued to sink Disney’s DIS, +0.24% financial results during its fiscal first quarter,” reported. With the impact of the flailing sports network, Disney’s revenue fell 3 percent, and its profits sank 14 percent, the financial site reported. As to ESPN itself, the network lost subscribers, found its average viewership crater, and experienced falling advertising rates even as its programming costs climbed. And this fall from grace continued even after Disney insisted that ESPN had reached its bottom after the previous quarter came to an end. Disney CEO Bob Iger, though, is still putting a sunny face on this quarter after quarter failure saying he still “believes” in the network. “We believe that the best approach to doing well in a world that is disruptive, in a world that has far more digital distribution, is to have great content and tell great stories. And that includes ESPN, by the way,” Iger said during a recent conference call. “But I can tell you that it is our full intent to go out there aggressively with digital offerings direct to the consumer for ESPN and other Disney-branded properties.” Despite Iger’s happy talk, ESPN has lost about 12 million subscribers, down to 88 million from its 100 million subscriber high from back in 2011. That lost revenue amounts to about $7 per subscriber, according to The Wrap. ESPN’s operating costs are also negatively impacting its finances, especially the $7.3 billion it has to pay out to the various sports leagues for access to game broadcasting. But, according to at least one analyst, ESPN’s political lurch to the left has also led to its massive loss.

Agreed!!  ESPN is nauseating in just how obnoxiously liberal it is.  And, people are starting to vote with their wallets and cancel their subscriptions.  To read the rest of this article, click on the text above.

Opinion: Why Megyn Kelly is leaving Fox News for NBC

Megyn Kelly offered a heartfelt tribute to Fox News and her viewers in explaining her “tough decision” to leave the network for NBC. At the close of Tuesday’s “Kelly File,” Kelly said she felt a “human connection” to her viewers and also treasures that “particularly when it comes to my children, who are 7, 5 and 3,” signaling that her nighttime schedule was a key factor in her decision. “I have grown up here and been given every chance a young reporter could ever ask for,” she said, praising Rupert Murdoch’s family for its kindness toward her. Her last show at Fox airs Friday. Kelly’s closing remarks came less than 12 hours after the surprise announcement that she will be giving up her prime-time role at Fox for a multi-year deal that includes several roles at NBC. She will launch a daytime program as well as a Sunday evening news magazine show, and be part of the network’s coverage of major political and breaking-news events. Murdoch, executive chairman of 21st Century Fox, said in a statement: “We thank Megyn Kelly for her 12 years of contributions to FOX News. We hope she enjoys tremendous success in her career and wish her and her family all the best.” Kelly told viewers she deeply admires the journalists at NBC, but also said she is “very grateful” to Fox for her 12-year career at the news channel. She expressed similar sentiments in a Facebook posting, singling out not just Murdoch but his sons, Lachlan and James, who led the discussions to keep her. The anchor made one wry reference to her critics, saying she even values those who “very rarely complain” about her on Twitter after a show or a presidential debate–an apparent reference to the Donald Trump supporters who turned on her during the campaign. Fox News fought hard to keep Kelly, who became a breakout star and whose 9 p.m. show was the second-highest rated in cable news, behind the “O’Reilly Factor.” Trump’s attacks on Kelly during the campaign helped turn her into an international celebrity and she was featured on the cover of the New York Times Magazine, Vanity Fair and other publications. She also just published a best-selling memoir, “Settle for More.” Kelly’s contract at Fox was not due to expire for another six months. Money did not appear to be the major factor in her decision; Kelly stood to make an eight-figure salary wherever she went. As she talked about her thinking, it became clear that a top priority was a schedule that would allow her to spend more time with her three young children rather than returning home after their bedtime.

And you have to respect that.  Megyn will do fine at NBC.  Hopefully Megyn will not forget the Fox News viewers and fans that made her millions.  She was an attorney.  Fox News made her a superstar.  As an aside, it’s been reported that Matt Lauer was apparently caught offguard by the hiring of Megyn, and wasn’t very happy about it.   Not that we really care..  But, it’s funny, if it’s true.  Personally, I’d like to see an expanded role for Shannon Bream over at Fox News.  She seems to be the go-to person to sub for all the prime time shows (other than Bill’s), and does as good, if not better, than the hosts she’s subbing for.  To read the rest of this op/ed by Howie Kurtz, click on the text above.